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Australian competition law update ?>

Australian competition law update

In an attempt to avoid going a whole year without a blog update, let’s review what’s been happening since the last post in June 2018 … Criminal charges ramp up The ACCC has announced three new criminal prosecutions in relation to cartel conduct in the past 12 months (these are prosecuted by the Commonwealth Department of Public Prosecutions): (11 April 2019) against money transfer business, Vina Money Transfer, and five individuals for allegedly fixing the Australian dollar / Vietnamese dong…

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New High Court Appointments and competition law ?>

New High Court Appointments and competition law

A competition lawyer’s guide to the new High Court appointments The Prime Minister today announced the appointment of the Honourable Justice Susan Mary Kiefel AC to become the next Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, and the first female Chief Justice, on 30 January 2017. Justice Kiefel will replace the Honourable Justice Robert French AC (Chief Justice since 2008) following his retirement. The Prime Minister also announced the appointment of a new High Court judge, the Honourable Justice James…

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The election and competition law and policy ?>

The election and competition law and policy

It’s federal election time again and time to consider the respective policy positions of each of the major parties.  The key area of differentiation to date has been in relation to the introduction of an effects test for misuse of market power.  This has been supported by the Government and the Greens but is opposed by the Labor Party.  More recently the Labor party has indicated it would ‘ensure that competition policy does more to ameliorate the growing economic gap in our society’….

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New blog ?>

New blog

Welcome to my new Australian Competition Law Blog.  This will replace by previous blog, but it will still retain archives from 2008-2016 (  For more news and information about Australian Competition Law visit my main website.