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ACCC v Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd

[2015] FCA 113 (25 February 2015)



The ACCC appealed the Federal Court decision in Pfizer. See ACCC press release. The hearing was conducted from 23-27 November 2015. Judgment has been reserved. See my appeal page for further details.

Image of formula of atorvastatin/Lipitor (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Atorvastatin.svg)The ACCC alleged misuse of market power and exclusive dealing in relation to Pfizer's supply of atorvastatin to pharmacies.

Justice Flick dismissed the ACCC's application and awarded costs to the Pfizer.

  • In relation to the misuse of market power claim, the ACCC failed to establish that Pfizer pursued its course of conduct "for the purpose of deterring or preventing a person from engaging in competitive conduct" (and further that, in relation to post-2012 conduct Pfizer did not have 'substantial' market power)
  • In relation to exclusive dealing, the ACCC failed to establish that Pfizer pursued its course of conduct for the purpose of 'substantially lessening competition


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ACCC press releases

ACCC, 'ACCC takes action against Pfizer Australia for alleged anti-competitive conduct' (13 February 2014)

ACCC, 'Federal Court dismisses anti-competitive conduct case against Pfizer Australia' (25 February 2015)

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'ACCC v Pfizer – Judgment summary and ramifications' (27 February 2015)

Other media and commentary

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