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Barbara Jedlickova

Lecturer, University of Queensland, TC Beirne School of Law


Relevant qualifications and honours

  • Masters, Law and Legal Studies, Masaryk University, Czech Republic (1999-2004)
  • LLM, International Competition Law and Policy (with Commendation), University of Glasgow (2005-2007)
  • PhD, University of Glasgow (2012)
    The Law of Vertical Territorial and Price Restraints in the EU and in the USA: A Critical Analysis of Vertical Territorial and Price Restraints - an Argument Against Legalisation
  • Visiting Scholar, University of Iowa (2009)
  • Socrates (Exchange) Programme, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK (2002-2003)


Relevant work history and committee involvement

  • 2014 - Lecturer, University of Queensland
  • 2011-2013 - Associate Lecturer, University of Queensland
  • 2010 - Contracts Officer, University of St Andrews
  • 2009 - Trainee of DG Competition, Brussels
  • 2006-2009 - Assistant Contracts Manager, University of Glasgow
  • 2004-2005 - Lawyer, Cadastral Office for South Moravian Region, Mikulov, Czech Republic
  • 1999-2003 - Member, Vice President, President of ELSA Brno, Czech Republic


Competition law publications and seminars


  • B Jedlickova, 'What's Wrong with Cartels?' (2017) 44(4) Federal Law Review (with Jonathan Crowe)
  • B Jedlickova, J Clarke, 'Antitrust in the Groceries Sector:Australia' in Kobel, Pierre, Këllezi, Pranvera, Kilpatrick, Bruce (eds), Antitrust in the Groceries Sector & Liability Issues in Relation to Corporate Social Responsibility (Springer, Heidelberg 2015) (forthcoming)
  • B Jedlickova, 'Vertical Issues Arising from Conduct Between Large Supermarkets and Small Suppliers in the Grocery Market: Law and Industry Codes of Conduct' (2015) 36(1) ECLR: European Competition Law Review 19-29
  • B Jedlickova, 'Vertical Agreements in EU Competition Law by Frank Wijckmans and Filip Tuytschaever' (2013) 38 European Law Review 280-282
  • B Jedlickova, 'One Among Many or One Above All? The Role of Consumers and Their Welfare in Competition Law and Policy' (2012) 33 (12) European Competition Law Review 567-574
  • B Jedlickova, 'Competition and RPM: Lessons from US and Australian Historical Development', The 30th Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Law and History Society, Brisbane (2011)
  • Barbora Jedlickova McCabe, "Boundaries between Unilateral and Multilateral Conducts in Vertical Restraints" [2008] 10 European Competition Law Review 600.

Speeches and seminars

  • B Jedlickova, 'EU & US Approach to Vertical Restraints: Resale Price Maintenance', Brief Research Seminar for Economists, Department of Justice, Antitrust Division, Washington DC, USA (2014)
  • J Crowe, B Jedlickova, 'What's Wrong With Cartels?', Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference, University of Queensland (2014)
  • B Jedlickova, 'Australian and US Developments of Competition Law and RPM: Who Is Right?', Seminar Series, Centre for Regulation and Market Analysis, University of South Australia (2012)
  • B Jedlickova, 'Competition and RPM: Lessons from US and Australian Historical Development', The 30th Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Law and History Society, Brisbane (2011)
  • B Jedlickova, 'What Should We Know About EU and US Approaches to Resale Price Maintenance?', The TC Beirne Law School Research Seminar Series, TC Beirne School of Law (2011)
  • B Jedlickova, 'Theory of Services in US Case Law on RPM: Reality or Theory?', CCP Summer Conference 2010 (New Researchers' Workshop), University of East Anglia, Centre for Competition Policy, Norwich, UK (2010)
  • B Jedlickova, 'The Objective of Competition Law: Protection for Consumers or Protection of Competition?', International Graduate Legal Research Conference, King's College, London, UK (2009)
  • The Cooperation between the Commission and the National Courts - A Black Sheep of the Success of Regulation 1/2003", XIVth Competition Law Scholars Forum Workshop


  • B Jedlickova, 2013. The Grocery Retail Market: Is Antitrust Efficiently Handling This Market? Australian Perspective, Contestable Research Funding, $2,500.00
  • B Jedlickova, 2011. Reformation of Australian Competition Law with the Emphasis on Vertical Restraints: The Comparative Perspective, New Staff Research Start-Up Grant, $11,999.00