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Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

(formerly the Trade Practices Commission)



From ACCC site, 'About the ACCC - Our Role' (2014)

Competitive markets increase the prosperity and welfare of Australian consumers. Our role is to protect, strengthen and supplement the way competition works in Australian markets and industries to improve the efficiency of the economy and to increase the welfare of Australians.

This means we will take action where this improves consumer welfare, protects competition or stops conduct that is anti-competitive or harmful to consumers, and promotes the proper functioning of Australian markets.

Our priorities are reflected in four key goals:

  1. maintain and promote competition and remedy market failure
  2. protect the interests and safety of consumers and support fair trading in markets
  3. promote the economically efficient operation of, use of and investment in monopoly infrastructure
  4. increase our engagement with the broad range of groups affected by what we do.

ACCC initiatives also include promoting consumer education in regional and rural areas and with indigenous communities.

Our role complements that of state and territory consumer affairs agencies who administer mirror consumer protection legislation in their jurisdictions, and the policy work of The Treasury’s Competition and Consumer Policy Division.


Chairs - ACCC

Rod Sims

2011 (1 August) -

Rod Sims
Rod Sims was nominated by the Gilliard Government in May and was appointed by the Governor-General on 17 July following unanimous support by the states and territories. View blog piece on the nomination of Rod Sims.

Graeme Samuel

2003 - 31 July 2011

Graeme Samuel

Allan Fels

1995 - 2003

Professor Allan Fels

Chairs - TPC

1988 - 1991

Professor Robert Baxt

Feb 1985 - Feb 1988

Bob McComas


Ron Bannerman



For a list of past chairs, deputy chairs and commissioners see:

ACCC, 'Former Chairs and Commissioners'


Legislation (CCA)