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Australian commentary

For research and commentary on penalties and remedies in Australia generally see main reading room.


On pecuniary penalties

On measure of penalties

Michael Ferguson and Scott Meacock, 'Enforcements and Remedies: Cartel conduct: A survey of the ACCC's enforcement activity' (2014) 22 AJCCL 46

Jade Winterton, 'Examining the effectiveness of sanctions in order to deter cartel conduct in Australia' (2011) 4 Global Antitrust Review

On agreed penalties

Anne Rees, 'Status quo restored: High Court approves use of agreed civil penalty submissions' (2016) 32(1) Competition and Consumer Law News 134

Rebecca Ananian-Welsh and Kate Gover, 'Before the High Court: Commonwealth v Director, Fair Work Building Industry Inspectorate: The End of Penalty Agreements in Civil Pecuniary Penalty Schemes?

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Law firm commentary on High Court ruling

Allens><Linklaters: 'Significant High Court Decision on Settlement of Regulatory Proceedings' (Allens><Linklaters Client Update, 9 December 2015)

Clayton Utz, 'Negotiating agreed penalties with regulators is OK, says High Court' (9 December 2015).

Gilbert+Tobin, 'The Return of Certainty: Negotiated Resolutions in Civil Penalty Proceedings' (December 2014)

King&Wood Mallesons: Peta Stevenson, Trish Henry and Emma White, 'Australia's High Court reinstates agreed penalties' (King&Wood Mallesons, 9 December 2015)

King&Wood Mallesons: Emma White, 'High Court reinstates agreed penalties' (In Competition, 9 December 2015)


On Criminal Penalties

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On Damages


On Class Actions

Robert McGregor and Dawnie Lam, 'Airlines Class Action: Full Federal Court Overturns Strike Out Judgment: Auskay International Manufacturing and Trade Pty Ltd v Qantas Airways Limited [2010] FCAFC 6' (2011) 36(1) Air and Space Law 79-82

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externallinkAlex Wynn, ‘Richard Pratt and the Visy Executive Saga and the Class Action Against Amcor' [2008] 10(5) ADR Bulletin 91


On Divestiture


On Private Enforcement generally