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Books and book chapters

Daniel Zimmer (Ed), The Goals of Competition Law, Edward Elgar (2012)

Louis Kaplow, 'On the choice of welfare standards in competition law' (Chapter 1)

Frank P Maier-Rigaud, 'On the Normative Foundations of Competition Law: Efficiency, Political Freedom and the Freedom to Compete' (Chapter 8)

Josef Drexl, Wolfgang Kerber, Rupprecht Podszun (eds), Competition Policy and the Economic Approach: Foundations and Limitations (Edward Elgar, 2011)

Stephen Martin, 'The Goals of Antitrust and Competition Policy' (December 2006)


Articles/research papers


External linkRaimundas Moisejevas and Ana Novosad, 'Some thoughts concerning the main goals of competition law' (2013) 20(2) Jurisprudence 627


External linkRoger D Blair and D Daniel Sokol, 'Welfare standards in US and EU Antitrust Enforcement' (2013) 102 Fordham Law Review 81-145

Eleonor Fox, 'Against Goals' (2013) 81 Fordham Law Review 2158

External linkIoannis Lianos, ‘Some Reflections on the Question of the Goals of EU Competition Law’ (CLES Working Paper Series 3/2013, January 2013) (SSRN)

External linkMaurice E Stucke, 'Should Competition Policy Promote Happiness?' (2013) 81 Fordham Law Review 2575

External linkGregory J Werden, ‘Antitrust’s Rule of Reason: Only Competition Matters’ (Working Paper, 1 March 2013, SSRN)

External linkJoshua D Wright and Douglas H Ginsbur, 'The Goals of Antitrust: Welfare Trumps Choice' (George Mason Law & Economics Research Paper No. 13-22) (20 March 2013)


Daniel A Crane, 'A Neo-Chicago Perspective on Antitrust Institutions' (2012) 78 Antitrust Law Journal 43

External linkHerbert Hovenkamp, 'Implementing Antitrust's Welfare Goals' (2012: U Iowa Legal Studies Research Paper No. 12-39)

Kai H├╝schelrath, 'The Costs and Benefits of Antitrust Enforcement: Identification and Measurement' (2012) 35(1) World Competition 121-163

External linkLouis Kaplow, 'On the Choice of Welfare Standards in Competition Law' in Zimmer (ed), Goals of Competition Law (Edward Elgar), 2012, 3-26 (Harvard Discussion Paper 693)

Pardeep S Mehta (Ed), Evolution of Competition Laws and their Enforcement (Routledge Studies in Global Competition, 2012)

External linkAthanassios Skourtis, 'Is consumer welfare the (only) way forward? A re-appreciation of competition law objectives ante portas in both US and EU' (Kluwer Competition Law Blog, 10 August 2012)

External linkMaurice Stucke, 'Reconsidering Antitrust’s Goals' (2012) 53 Boston College Law Review 551-629

External linkMaurice E. Stucke, 'Is Competition Always Good?' (University of Tennessee Legal Studies Research Paper No. 203 - SSRN 4 October 2012) Journal of Antitrust Enforcement

External linkMaurice E Stucke, 'Is Competition Always Good?' (2013) 1(1) Journal of Antitrust Enforcement 162-197 (alternate site)

External linkMaurice E Stucke, 'Is Intent Relevant?' (forthcoming in Journal of Law, Economics and Policy); University of Tennessee Legal Studies Research Paper No. 178. (SSRN 26 January 26)

External linkRichard M Stuer, ‘The Simplicity of Antitrust Law’ (2012) 14(2) University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law 543 (http://ssrn.com/abstract=2163690)


External linkHerbert Hovenkamp, 'Distributive Justice and Consumer Welfare in Antitrust' (Working Paper, 3 August 2011)

External linkBarak Orbach, 'The Antitrust Consumer Welfare Paradox' (2011) 7(1) Journal of Competition Law & Economics 133-164; Arizona Legal Studies Discussion Paper No. 10-07

External linkMaurice Stucke, 'Reconsidering Competition' (2011) 81 Mississippi Law Journal 107-188


Eleanor Fox, 'The Efficiency Paradox' (July 2009, Law & Economics Research Paper Series, Working Paper No 09-26)


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External linkStephen Martin, 'The Goals of Antitrust and Competition Policy' (December 2006)


Brodley, Joseph F, 'The Economic Goals of Antitrust: Efficiency, Consumer Welfare, and Technological Progress' (1987) 62 New York University Law Review 1020