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Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) Consolidated to Act 59 of 2009

This consolidation incorporates the Trade Practices Amendment (Cartel Conduct and Other Measures) Act 2009.

There have since been numerous changes to the Act; this reflects only the change brought about by the introduction of cartel laws.

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Due to the size of the Act the consolidation is divided by Part. You may download the full version in PDF format from the links in the left hand column. Please note that they are large files - exceeding 3MB.

Part I - Preliminary

Part II - The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Part IIA - The National Competition Council

Part III - The Australian Competition Tribunal

Part IIIAA - The Australian Energy Regulator

Part IIIA - Access to Services

Part IV - Restrictive Trade Practices

Part IVA - Unconscionable Conduct

Part IVB - Industry Codes

Part V - Consumer Protection

Part VA - Liability of Manufacturers and Importers for Defective Goods

Part VB - Price exploitation in relation to A New Tax System

Part VC - Offences

Part VI - Enforcement and Remedies

Part VIA - Proportionate liability for misleading and deceptive conduct

Part VIB - Claims for damages or compensation for death or personal injury

Part VII - Authorisations, notifications and clearances in respect of restrictive trade practices

Part VIIA - Prices Surveillance

Part VIII - Resale Price Mainteance

Part IX - Review by Tribunal of Determinations of Commission

Part X - International Liner Cargo Shipping

Part XIA - The Competition Code

Part XIAA - The New Tax System Price Exploitation Code

Part XIB - The Telecommunications Industry: Anti-competitive conduct and record-keeping rules

Part XIC - Telecommunications Access Regime

Part XID - Search and Seizure

Part XII - Miscellaneous

Part XIII - Application and transitional provisions relating to the competition provisions

Schedule - The Schedule versions of Parts IV and VB