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Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)

Section 106
Hearings to be in public except in special circumstances


The provision

(1) Subject to this section, the hearing of proceedings before the Tribunal shall be in public.

(2) Where the Tribunal is satisfied that it is desirable to do so by reason of the confidential nature of any evidence or matter or for any other reason, the Tribunal may:

(a) direct that a hearing or part of a hearing shall take place in private and give directions as to the persons who may be present; or

(b) give directions prohibiting or restricting the publication of evidence given before the Tribunal, whether in public or in private, or of matters contained in documents filed or lodged with the Registrar, received in evidence by the Tribunal or placed in the records of the Tribunal.

(3) The powers of the Tribunal under this section may be exercised by the Tribunal as constituted for the purposes of the hearing or by the Tribunal constituted by a presidential member.


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