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Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)

Section 154D
Entry with consent


The provision


(1) An inspector may enter premises if:

(a) the Commission, the Chairperson or a Deputy Chairperson has reasonable grounds for suspecting that there may be evidential material on the premises; and

(b) the inspector obtains the consent of the occupier of the premises to enter the premises.

(2) The inspector may be accompanied by any one or more of the following persons (each of whom is an assistant):

(a) another member of the staff assisting the Commission;

(b) a consultant.

Obtaining consent

(3) Before obtaining the consent of a person to enter premises under this Division, the inspector must inform the person that the person may refuse consent.

(4) A consent of a person is not effective for the purposes of this section unless it is voluntary.


Legislative history