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Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)

Section 154GA
Removing things for examination or processing


The provision

(1) A thing found at the premises may be moved to another place for examination or processing in order to determine whether it may be seized under a search warrant if:

(a) both of the following subparagraphs apply:

(i) it is significantly more practicable to do so having regard to the timeliness and cost of examining or processing the thing at another place and the availability of expert assistance;

(ii) there are reasonable grounds to believe that the thing contains or constitutes evidential material; or

(b) the occupier of the premises consents in writing.

Notice to occupier

(2) If a thing is moved to another place for the purpose of examination or processing under subsection (1), the executing officer must, if it is practicable to do so:

(a) inform the occupier of the address of the place and the time at which the examination or processing will be carried out; and

(b) allow the occupier or his or her representative to be present during the examination or processing.

Period of removal

(3) The thing may be moved to another place for examination or processing for no longer than 72 hours.


(4) An executing officer may apply to a magistrate for one or more extensions of that time if the executing officer believes on reasonable grounds that the thing cannot be examined or processed within 72 hours or that time as previously extended.

(5) The executing officer must give notice of the application to the occupier of the premises of his or her intention to apply for an extension, and the occupier is entitled to be heard in relation to the application.

(6) The magistrate may order an extension for a period specified in the order if the magistrate is satisfied that the extension is necessary.


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