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Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)

Section 29L
Council meetings


The provision

(1) The Council President must convene the meetings that the Council President thinks are necessary to perform the Council’s functions efficiently.

(2) The meetings must be held in places determined by the Council President.

(3) The Council President must preside at any meeting that he or she attends.

(4) If the Council President is absent from a meeting, a Councillor chosen by the Councillors at the meeting must preside.

(5) The Councillor presiding at a meeting may give directions on the procedure to be followed in relation to the meeting.

(6) The quorum for a meeting is 3 Councillors (including the Council President).

(7) At a meeting, a question must be decided by a majority of votes of the Councillors present and voting. The Councillor presiding has a deliberative vote, and a casting vote if the deliberative votes are equally divided.


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