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Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)

Section 44J
Revocation of declaration


The provision

(1) The Council may recommend to the designated Minister that a declaration be revoked. The Council must have regard to the objects of this Part in making its decision.

(2) The Council cannot recommend revocation of a declaration unless it is satisfied that, at the time of the recommendation, subsection 44H(4) would prevent the designated Minister from declaring the service concerned.

(3) On receiving a revocation recommendation, the designated Minister must either revoke the declaration or decide not to revoke the declaration.

(3A) The designated Minister must have regard to the objects of this Part in making his or her decision.

(4) The designated Minister must publish the decision to revoke or not to revoke.

(5) If the designated Minister decides not to revoke, the designated Minister must give reasons for the decision to the provider of the declared service when the designated Minister publishes the decision.

(6) The designated Minister cannot revoke a declaration without receiving a revocation recommendation.

(7) If the designated Minister does not publish under subsection (4) his or her decision on the revocation recommendation within the period starting at the start of the day the recommendation is received and ending at the end of 60 days after that day, the designated Minister is taken, immediately after the end of that 60 day period:

(a) to have made a decision that the declaration be revoked; and

(b) to have published that decision in accordance with this section.


Legislative history