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Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)

Section 44LH
Designated Minister must publish his or her decision


The provision

(1) The designated Minister must publish, by electronic or other means, his or her decision on an ineligibility recommendation and his or her reasons for the decision.

(2) The designated Minister must give a copy of the publication to the person who made the application under section 44LB.


(3) Before publishing under subsection (1), the designated Minister may give any one or more of the following persons:

(a) the person who made the application under section 44LB;

(b) any other person the designated Minister considers appropriate; a notice in writing:

(c) specifying what the designated Minister is proposing to publish; and

(d) inviting the person to make a written submission to the designated Minister within 14 days after the day the notice is given identifying any information the person considers should not be published because of its confidential commercial nature.

(4) The designated Minister must have regard to any submission so made in deciding what to publish. He or she may have regard to any other matter he or she considers relevant.


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