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Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)

WarningSection 44ZZRJ
Making a contract etc. containing a cartel provision

Note: The Harper Reforms came into operation on 6 November 2017. This section has been and re-numbered. This page reflects the content of the provision immediately prior to the commencement of the Harper Reforms. Please visit section 45AJ for the current provision


The provision

A corporation contravenes this section if:

(a) the corporation makes a contract or arrangement, or arrives at an understanding; and

(b) the contract, arrangement or understanding contains a cartel provision.

Note: For enforcement, see Part VI.


Legislative history


Relevant cases



The insertion of this provision was part of the package of reforms introducing criminal penalties for cartel conduct. The reforms also created a parallel civil cartel prohibition, replacing the former s 45A which dealt directly with price-fixing.

The reforms were initially recommend by the Dawson Committee as part of its 2002-2003 inquiry into the Competition Law provisions of the Trade Practices Act.

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