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Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)

Section 45EA
Provisions contravening section 45E not to be given effect


The provision

A person must not give effect to a provision of a contract, arrangement or understanding if, because of the provision, the making of the contract or arrangement, or the arriving at the understanding, by the person:

(a) contravened subsection 45E(2) or (3); or

(b) would have contravened subsection 45E(2) or (3) if:

(i) section 45E had been in force when the contract or arrangement was made, or the understanding was arrived at; and

(ii) the words “is in writing and” and “written” were not included in subsection 45E(4).

Note: Conduct that would otherwise contravene this section can be authorised under subsection 88.


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