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Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)

Section 95AZI
Time limits for determining application


The provision

(1) If the Tribunal has not made a determination on the application within the relevant period, the Tribunal is taken to have refused to grant the authorisation.

(2) The relevant period is the period of 3 months beginning on the day the application was given to the Tribunal. However, if before the end of that 3 month period the Tribunal determines in writing that:

(a) the matter cannot be dealt with properly within that period, either because of its complexity or because of other special circumstances; and

(b) that period is extended by a specified period of not more than 3 months;

the relevant period is that period as so extended.

(3) If the Tribunal makes a determination under subsection (2), it must notify the applicant in writing of its determination before the end of that 3 month period.