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ABA Spring Meeting Podcasts (2017)
Includes 13 podcasts from the 2017 Spring Meeting

Antitrust Law Source
By Porter Wright's Antitrust & Trade regulation Practice (can also subscribe via iTunes)

Competition Lore podcast
Podcast by Professor Caron Beaton-Wells focussing on competition law in the digital economy. The first two episodes feature Professor Maurice Stucke and Professor Dick Schmalensee. Subscribe via Apple podcasts or Google podcasts or listen on other Podcast apps.

CPI Podcast Series
Competition Policy International Podcast Series

Weekly interviews hosted by Russ Roberts covering a variety of issues. Includes competition related episodes, like 'Modern Monopolies', the Economics of Antitrust Regulation, The Mighty Amazon and Apple v Google. Searchable.

mLex - Market Insight podcasts
Can also subscribe via iTunes


Individual podcasts

2018 (reverse chronological) (select)

Australian flag

What's the 'right' regulation for Facebook?
Prof Caron Beaton-Wells (Melbourne Law School), speaks with Facebook's Associate General Counsel, Sam Knox

Competition Lore episode 21; published 21 Febraury 2019. Run time is 55 mins

Australian flag

Platforms, ads and the media?
Prof Caron Beaton-Wells (Melbourne Law School), speaks with Dr Katharine Kemp

Competition Lore episode 20; published February 2019. Run time is 55 mins

Australian flag

Google, our "God"?
Prof Caron Beaton-Wells (Melbourne Law School), speaks with Google's Chief Economist, Hal Varian

Competition Lore episode 15; published 21 November 2018. Run time is 41 mins

Competition Lore podcast, 'What's the 'right' regulation for Facebook?' with Sam Knox, Facebook's Associate General Counsel.

Australian flag

Why we need maverick academics
Prof Caron Beaton-Wells (Melbourne Law School), speaks with Prof Iannis Lianos on the importance of academic independence.

Competition Lore episode 14; published 8 November 2018. Run time is 29 mins

Academics in the age of big tech?
Prof Caron Beaton-Wells (Melbourne Law School), speaks with Prof Daniel Sokol. Competition Lore episode 13. Run time is 31 mins

Australian flag

Competition and algorithms - friend of foe?
Prof Caron Beaton-Wells (Melbourne Law School), speaks with Prof Michal Gal.

Competition Lore episode 10. Run time is 65 mins

Australian flag

Australia needs tougher penalties for banks, financial institutions, ACCC says
ABC - RN Breakfast with Fran Kelly on 23 April 2018.
Includes 12 minute downloadable audio

Australian flag

Technology & Competition law: A conversation with Stephen King
Economic Society of Australia (Victoria) podcast (April 2018)

Australian flag Civil penalties for cartel conduct: An OECD Review of the Australian Regime
Caron Beaton-Wells (Director, Competition Law and Economics Network, Melbourne Law School), speaks with Sean Ennis and Pedro Caro de Sousa (Competition Division of the OECD) about the OECD's report on pecuniary penalties in Australia.

Recorded 28 March 2018; published 6 April 2018. Run time is just under 30mins

China flag All together now: China brings antitrust enforcement under one roof at a brand new agency
Mlex podcast: 13 March 2018

Australian flag What's driving the ACCC probe into tech giants?
Caron Beaton-Wells, 6 March 2018. See associated news item.

German flag Facebook’s data collection in Germany caught in antitrust spotlight
Mlex podcast: 26 February 2018 (15:22m)

Australian flag Saputo, Murray Goulburn deal plots tricky Australian regulatory path
Mlex podcast: 16 February 2018 (11:56m)

US flag William A Glaston: Antitrust Enforcement in the Trump era
Brookings, 10 January 2018 (just under 6 mins)


US flag The Year in Antitrust and Privacy: AT&T, Equifax and Net Neutrality
MLex podcast: 20 December 2017 (22:44min) by Leah Nylen and Mike Swift

World map Eleanor Fox on Competition Law and World Systems
Audiovisual library of International Law (October 2017 - approx 70 mins)

US flag Google is big. Is that bad?
NPR, 4 August 2017. Jacob Goldstein and Noel King. Approx 11mins

US flag Joshua D Wright: Antitrust Enforcement in the Modern Era
The Federalist Society, 24 July 2017

World map Algorithms and Competition
CPI Podcast Volume 1 (May 2018)
Discussion featuring Prof Maurice Stucke, Prof Ariel Ezrachi, Prof Salil K Mehra and Assist Prof Ramsi Woodcock.

EU flag Margrethe Vestager and EU Competition Law
mLex - 23 March 2017 (duration 16:14)


EU flag Frank Wijckmans talk to Law Vox about competition law (cartels focus)
OUP Podcast (duration 30:35)
'In this podcast competition law expert Frank Wijckmans talks to George Miller about many aspects of competition law. In a wide-ranging discussion they cover definitions and awareness, leniency and fining regimes, and recidivism as well as liability and third party claims. Frank also situates cartels within the broader landscape of EU competition law and discusses how much of priority they are to the authorities.'