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Harper Report 2015 Dawson Report Hilmer Report
Cooney Report Griffiths Report Swanson Report


Reports by Year



Reports imageexternal linkCompetitive Neutrality Review
Commenced: 10 March 2017
Closes: 21 April 2017 (submissions due by 5pm)

external linkHuman Services
Productivity Commission
Commenced: 29 April 2016
Issues Paper: 16 June 2016
Report: within 18 months
NB: Follows Harper Review recommendation that
human services sector be assessed

Concluded (chronological)

Cattle and beef market study
ACCC issues paper released: 7 April 2016
Submissions due: 6 May 2016
Interim Report Published: 31 October 2016
Submissions on interim report due: 31 October 2016
Final Report released: 7 March 2017

Competition and Consumer Amendment (Misuse of Market Power) Bill 2016
Senate Economics Committee
Commenced: 1 December 2016
Submissions due: 9 January 2017
Reported: 16 February 2017
Recommendation: That bill be passed (some modification)

Wholesale ADSL service declaration inquiry 2016
ACCC discussion paper released: 4 July 2016
Submissions due: 29 July 2016
Final decision: 3 February 2017


2016 (concluded)

Regulation of Agriculture
Productivity Commission
Commenced: 20 November 2015
Draft report released: 21 July 2016
Final report due: 15 November 2016

Competition and Consumer Amendment (Competition Policy Review) Bill 2016 (Exposure Draft)
Commenced: 5 September 2016
Submissions due: 30 September 2016 (misuse of market power)
Submissions due: 28 October 2016 (all other aspects of bill)

external linkReview of the Part XIB telecommunications antiā€competitive conduct provisions: Discussion Paper
Department of Communication and the Arts
Commenced: 5 September 2016
Submissions due: 30 September 2016

ACCC Draft Framework for misuse of market power guidelines
Commenced: 5 September 2016
Submissions due: 3 October 2016

ACCC Draft Framework for concerted practices guidelines
Commenced: 5 September 2016
Submissions due: 3 October 2016

Intellectual Property Arrangements
Productivity Committee Inquiry
Announced 18 August 2015
Draft report released 29 April 2016
Final report handed to Government on 23 September 2016
Terms of reference include consideration of 'the findings and recommendations of the Harper Competition Policy Review in the context of the Australian Government's response, including recommendations related to parallel import restrictions in the Copyright Act 1968 and the parallel importation defence under the Trade Marks Act s1995 '.

Options to Strengthen the Misuse of Market Power Laws
Treasury Discussion paper released: 11 December 2015
Submissions due: 12 February 2016
Government announced it woudl support Harper Recommendations on 16 March 2016

ACCC inquiry into Eastern and Southern Australian whoesale gas prices
Government directed 12 month public inquiry
Issues paper: 4 June 2015
Report released: 22 April 2016


2015 (concluded)

Competition Policy Review (Harper Review)
'Root and Branch' Review of Competition Laws announced 4 December 2013
Final terms of reference and review panel announced 27 March 2014
Issues Paper released: 14 April 2014 (view submissions)
Draft Report released: 22 September 2014 (view draft report page)
Final Report released: 31 March 2015 (view final report page)
Consultation on final report: 31 March 2015
Government response: 24 November 2015

Inquiry into Competition and Consumer Amendment (Misuse of Market Power) Bill 2014
Private Members Bill introduced by Senator Nick Xenophon in March 2014
Referred to Committee on 20 March; several extensions to original report date of 24 June 2014 have been granted
Final report released: 26 February 2015 (recommended against passage of the bill)

Competition and Consumer Amendment (Deregulatory and Other Measures) Bill 2015
Bill introduced: 18 March 2015
Referred to Economics Legislation Committee on 25 March 2015
Submissions close: 21 April 2015
Report released: 13 May 2015

Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper
Issues Paper released 6 February 2014
Green Paper released 20 October 2014 (submissions due 12 December 2014)
White Paper released July 2015

Senate review of Food and Grocery Industry Code
An inquiry into the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 - Competition and Consumer (Industry Codes - Food and Grocery) Regulation 2015
Commenced: 5 March 2015
Submissions closed: 13 March 2015
Report: 14 May 2015 (original report date of 31 March 2015 extended on 26 March 2015)

external linkAustralian Grain Networks
Referred to Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee on 19 June 2014
Reported: 4 June 2015 (view report) (original date of 3 December 2014 extended to 4 June 2015)
Terms of reference included consideration of 'competition constraints on grain transport, storage and handling services'



Independent cost-benefit analysis of broadband and review of regulation (Vertigan report)
First report (Statutory review under section 152EOA of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010))
completed 30 June 2014 and tabled in Parliament on 16 July 2014
Second report (Independent cost-benefit analysis) released 27 August 2014
Third report (Market and Regulatory Report) released 1 October 2014

ACCC draft immunity and cooperation policy and FAQ's consultation
Consultation opened 9 April 2014; submissions due 7 May 2014.
New policy released 10 September 2014.



National Access Regime
Productivity Commission Inquiry into the National Access Regime
Referred to the PC by Assistant Treasurer, Stephen Bradbury, in October 2012
Issues Paper released on 30 November 2012. Submissions due on 8 February 2012
Draft report due May 2013; Final Report due October 2013
Final report released February 2014



The impacts of supermarket price decisions on the dairy industry
This is the Senate Inquiry into 'Milk Price Wars'
Referred to Senate Economics Committee on 10 February 2011. Submissions due 28 February Report date: 15 April 2011 (extended to 20 April 2011). Interim report released 20 April. Second interim report released 9 May. Final report presented to Senate on 3 November. Government response received Feburary 2012.

Exposure Draft Bill - Competition and Consumer Amendment Bill (No.1) 2011
Part of the Competitive and Sustainable Banking System Package. Note, the bill (as subsequently introduced into Parliament) was considered as part of the House Standing Committee on Economics Inquiry into the Competition and Consumer (Price Signalling) Amendment Bill 2010.



House Standing Committee on Economics Inquiry into the Competition and Consumer (Price Signalling) Amendment Bill 2010
Bill referred 23 November 2010; Inquiry announced 10 December 2010. Expanded inquiry (to include consideration of the Government's Competition and Consumer Amendment Bill (No.1) 2011) announced 18 May. Reported 22 June 2011.

Senate Economics Committee Inquiry into the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Franklins decision (Metcash)
Reported February 2011

Competition within the Australian Banking Sector
Announced 28 October 2010. Due to report on 31 March 2011 (extended until 27 April 2011).
Interim report released on 20 April seeking an extension of the report date until 6 May 2011
Report released 6 May 2011

Senate Inquiry into Competition and Consumer Legislation Amendment Bill 2010
Reported 15 June 2010. Bill lapsed.





Inquiry by Senate Economics Committee into the Trade Practices Amendment (Cartel Conduct and Other Measures) Bill 2008
Reported 26 February 2009.

Discussion Paper - Creeping Acquisitions
Closed for comment 10 October 2008. No report released

external linkCriminal Penalties for Serious Cartel Conduct - Draft legislation
Including discussion paper - submissions available

external linkInquiry by Senate Economics Committee into the Trade Practices Legislation Amendment Bill 2008 [external link]
Report available (relates to predatory pricing)

Inquiry by Senate Economics into the Unit Pricing (Easy comparison of grocery prices) Bill 2008
Referred 17 June. Due to report by 2 September

external linkInquiry into the Trade Practices (Creeping Acquisitions) Amendment Bill 2007 [2008] [external link]
Referred on 26 June 2008. Report on 27 August 2008.

ACCC Grocery Inquiry 2008
Announced January 2008 - report finalised 31 July.



ACCC Petrol Inquiry 2007
Inquiry into the Price of Unleaded Petrol - reported 17 December 2007





Dawson Review 2003
Review of the Competition Provisions of the Trade Practices Act



McKiernan Review
Senate Legal and Constitutional References Committee Inquiry into s 46 and s 50 of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (May 2002)

Wilkinson Review
Review of the impact of Part IV of the Trade Practices Act 1974 on the recruitment and retention of medical practitioners in rural and regional Australia (November 2002)



Productivity Commission's Review of the National Access Regime (2001)

Productivity Commission's Review of the Prices Surveillance Act 1983 (2001)

Hawker Committee
Competing Interests: is there balance?
Review of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Annual Report 1999-2000
House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economic Finance and Public Administration, 2001



Baird Report
Report of the Joint Select Committee on the Retailing Sector, August 1999 (Baird Committee: Chair: Bruce Baird MP)
Fair Market or Market Failure? A Review of Australia's Retailing Sector

National Competition Council, Review of Sections 51(2) and 51(3) of the Trade Practices Act 1974
Final Report, March 1999



Cultivating Competition - June 1997
Inquiry into aspects of the National Competition Policy Reform Package
Report from the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Financial Institutions and Public Administration

Finding a Balance: Towards Fair Trading in Australia (Reid Report)
House of Representatives Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Resources





Compliance with the Trade Practices Act
Australian Law Reform Commission Report (Report 68)



Hilmer Review - National Competition Policy - 1993
National Competition Policy - Report by the Independent Committee of Inquiry



Cooney Committee Report 1991
Adequacy of the existing legislative controls in the Trade Practices Act over mergers and acquisitions



Griffiths Committee Report 1989
Mergers, Takeovers and Monopolies: Profiting from Competition?
Report of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs



Green Paper
The Trade Practices Act - Proposals for Change (Green Paper)
Discussion paper released by Attorney General, Senator Gareth Evans QC (February 1984)



Blunt Committee
Trade Practices Consultative Committee, Small business and the Trade Practices Act (December 1979)



Swanson Committee 1976
Trade Practices Act Review Committee



International Reports

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