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AustraliaCultivating Competition 1997

Inquiry into aspects of the National Competition Policy Reform Package
Report from the House of Representatives Standing Committee
on Financial Institutions and Public Administration

Length: 134 pages

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About this Review

The focus was on the appropriate means of applying the 'public interest tests' in the Competition Principles Agreement and the impact of competition policy reforms on efficient delivery of community service obligations.


Terms of reference

'1 The Committee is to consider appropriate means, including review processes, for applying the "public interest" tests included in the Competition Principles Agreement. These tests are a critical feature of this Agreement. They are described in Principles 1(3) ...

2. The Committee will have particular regard to the impact of competition policy reforms on the efficient delivery of community service obligations including an assessment of:

(a) existing government policies relating to community service obligations; and

(b) options for the delivery and funding of these services.

3. The Committee will also examine the implications of competition policy reform for the efficient delivery of services by local government, including arrangements that have been developed between Sate Governments and local government authorities for the implementation of the Competition Principles Agreement.


Key Recommendations

Public interest test

'1 The Committee recommends the following as necessary components of the 'public interest' process:

(a) Responsibility for commissioning reviews ... should be taken at Ministerial level;

(b) The nature of the review should be determined taking into account the significance, importance, diversity and sensitivity of the issue to be considered;

(c) Clear terms of reference should be developed for the review including identification of the factors, whether in the list of factors set out in subclause 1(3) or otherwise, that the decision maker believes is relevant. Terms of reference should be agreed by the relevant Minister

(d) The process and its timing should be as transparent as possible


(l) Results of reviews and relevant key stages in the review process shall be publicly available;

Community Service Obligations


Implications for the efficient delivery of services by local government


Related issues



Key statements




David Hawker MP (Chairman)

Mr G S Wilton MP (Deputy Chairman)

Mr A N Albanese MP
Mr L J Anthony MP
Mrs F E Bailey MP
Hon I R Causley MP
Mrs C A Gallus MP
Mr J B Hockey MP
Mr M W Latham MP
Hon R F McMullan MP
Mr S B Mutch MP
Dr B J Nelson MP
Mr C M Pyne MP
Dr A J Southcott MP
Hon R Willis


Submissions and meetings



Legislative changes