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Misuse of Market Power Bill introduced ?>

Misuse of Market Power Bill introduced

Misuse of market power bill introduced On the last sitting day of Parliament 2016, and while I was snoozing half way around the world thinking the Parliamentary year had ended without any sign of the Harper Reforms, Treasurer Scott Morrison introduced the Misuse of Market Power bill (or the more mundane Competition and Consumer Amendment (Misuse of Market Power) Bill 2016) I’m afraid this will be a lengthy post (that was unintended … it got a bit out of control) – the short version…

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Harper Exposure Draft Legislation Released ?>

Harper Exposure Draft Legislation Released

The Government today released Exposure Draft legislation (Competition and Consumer Amendment (Competition Policy Review) Bill 2016) designed to implement many of the recommendations made as part of the Competition Policy Review (Harper Review) 2014-2015. Consultation – be quick! Interested parties have relatively little time to respond to the draft legislation (which runs to and is accompanied by a 90 page explanatory memorandum), with submissions due by 30 September 2016.  In addition to Treasury’s review of the draft legislation, the ACCC today commenced two consultations on…

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Competition reform post-election ?>

Competition reform post-election

Now that we finally have an election outcome (even if Herbert does still remain in doubt), it’s worth considering what this means for the proposed Harper reforms. We know that the Turnbull Government, in September last year, accepted most of the recommendations made in the Harper Report.  Following a further consultation, the Government announced (in March 2016) it would also adopt the controversial ‘effects test’ recommended by the Harper Panel in relation to misuse of market power.  We also know that Labor opposes the effects…

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