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Leading and other important cases are highlighted in boxes below. High Court caases are highlighted in blue. These largely exclude agreed contravention and penalty cases. The case list is not - and is not intended - to be exhaustive and additional cases and summaries will continue to be added over time.


Transformer - electricity substation

External linkACCC v ABB Transmission and Distribution Limited [2001] FCA 383
Federal Court (Justice Finkenstein)

Pecuniary penalty - joint submissions - factors relevant to appropriate penalty

Transformer - electricity substation

External linkACCC v ABB Power Transmission Pty Ltd [2004] FCA 819
Federal Court (Justice Emmett)

Pecuniary penalty - joint submission - cartels

ACCC v April International Marketing Services Australia Pty Ltd (No 8) [2011] FCA 153
Federal Court (Justice Bennett)

Foreign cartel with effect of price fixing in Austrdalia contrary to s 45. Penalty principles.

Piggy bank

ACCC v ANZ Ltd [2015] FCAFC 103
Full Court of the Federal Court
(Chief Justice Allsop, Justice Davies, Justice Wigney)
Appeal from: ACCC v ANZ Ltd [2013] FCA 1206 (Justice Dowsett)

Price fixing and agency

Piggy bank

External linkACCC v Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited [2016] FCA 1516

Attempted cartel conduct (admitted) (penalties imposed higher than those 'agreed')

Abalone shell

ACCC v Australian Abalone Pty Ltd [2007] FCA 1834
Admitted price fixing and boycott conduct - discussion of agreed penalties and mention of propsed criminal penalties

Horse racing

ACCC v Australian Competition Tribunal [2017] FCAFC 150
ACCC's application for judicial review regarding process for determining merger authorisation

Image of broken egg

ACCC v Australian Egg Corporation Limited [2017] FCAFC 152 (25 September 2017)
Allegations of attempting to induce cartel conduct (dismissed)

Medical instruments

External linkACCC v Australian Medical Association Western Australian Branch Inc [2003] FCA 686; (2003) ATPR 41-945
Price fixing, market definition

Supermarket trolly

ACCC v Australian Safeway Stores Pty Limited
[2003] FCAFC 149 (30 June 2003)

Misuse of market power, exclusive dealing, price fixing

ACCC v Baxter Healthcare [2007] HCA 38 (29 August 2007); [2008] FCAFC 141
Misuse of market power, exclusive dealing, derivative crown immunity

ACCC v Bill Express Ltd (in liq) (2009) 180 FCR 105; [2009] FCA 1022
Exclusive dealing (third line forcing)


ACCC v Black & White Cabs Pty Ltd [2010] FCA 1399
Exclusive dealing (third line forcing)


External linkACCC v British Airways PLC (2008) ATPR 42-265; [2008] FCA 1977
Collusive conduct - SLC - Penalties - Admission of liability

ACCC v Cabcharge [2010] FCA 1261
Contraventions admitted - misuse of market power (refusal to deal/predatory pricing)


External link ACCC v Cascade Coal Pty Ltd [2019] FCAFC 154

Appeal from External linkACCC v Cascade Coal Pty Ltd (No 3) [2018] FCA 1019
Alleged cartel conduct (dismissed) (subject to appeal)

ACCC v Cement Australia [2013] FCA 909 (10 September 2013)
Anti-competitive agreements, misuse of market power (penalty judgment 2016)
Appeal against penalty successful (ACCC v v Cement Australia Pty Ltd [2017] FCAFC 159)

Supermarket trolly

ACCC v Coles Group Limited [2014] FCA 363; ACCC v Woolworths Limited [2014] FCA 364 (14 April 2014)
Enforceable undertakings (whether breached) - shopper dockets

Supermarket trolly

ACCC v Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd [2014] FCA 1405
Unconscionable conduct (consent orders)

Commercial laundry

ACCC v Colgate-Palmolive Pty Ltd (No 4) [2017] FCA 1590 (appeal dismissed)
Cartel conduct / price fixing (agreement or mere oligopolistic behaviour)
Note this was the contested proceedings; earlier consent proceedings with Colgate and Woolworths resulted in penalties of approx $27m (appeal dismissed May 2019)


ACCC v Cryosite Ltd [2019] FCA 116 (13 February 2019)
Cartel conduct (gun jumping) - $1.05 penalty imposed

Skin cream

External linkACCC v Dermalogica Pty Ltd [2005] FCA 152; (2005) 215 ALR 482
Resale price maintenance

Woman on beach

External linkACCC v Eurong Beach Resort Ltd [2005] FCA 1900
Misuse of Market Power, Exclusionary Provisions, Exclusive Dealing and Anti-competitve agreements (agreed penalties)


ACCC v Flight Centre Travel Group Limited [2016] HCA 49
Trial decision: ACCC v Flight Centre Limited (No 2) [2013] FCA 1313
Full Federal Court: Flight Centre Limited v ACCC [2015] FCAFC 104
Final penalty judgment: Flight Centre Limited v ACCC (No 2) [2018] FCAFC 53

Baby cot

ACCC v IGC Dorel Pty Ltd [2010] FCA 1303 (10 December 2010)
Resale price maintenance - agreed penalties


External linkACCC v IMB Group Pty Ltd (ACN 050 411 946) (in liq) [2002] FCA 402
Exclusive dealing (third line forcing)


ACCC v Jurlique International Pty Ltd [2007] FCA 79
Resale price maintenance

Ball bearing

ACCC v Koyo Australia Pty Ltd [2013] FCA 105 (18 October 2013)
Admitted cartel conduct - penalties by consent

Petrol pumps

ACCC v Leahy Petroleum Pty Ltd [2007] FCA 794 (29 May 2007)
(Geelong Petrol case)
Price fixing - meaning of 'contract, arrangement or understanding' (held no contravention)


External linkACCC v Link Solutions Pty Ltd (No 3) [2012] FCA 348
Exclusive dealing - third line forcing

Wine on rack

ACCC v Liquorland (Australia) Pty Ltd [2006] FCA 826 (30 June 2006)
Exclusionary provisions, anti-competitive agreements


External linkACCC v Little Company of Mary Health Care Ltd [2015] FCA 1144
Exclusive dealing (contravention admitted)

Supermarket trolly

ACCC v Metcash Trading Limited [2011] FCA 967 (25 August 2011); [2001] FCAFC 151 (30 November 2011)
Merger - held merger not likely to SLC. ACCC appeal failed.

Brick wall

External linkACCC v Midland Brick Co Pty Ltd [2004] FCA 693
Price fixing - joint submission on orders - principles governing joint submissions

Petrol pumps

ACCC v Mobil Oil Australia Ltd (1997) ATPR 41–568
Price fixing. Pleadings. Parallel conduct.

Ball bearing

ACCC v NSK Australia Pty Ltd [2014] FCA 453 (13 May 2014)
Price fixing (admitted)

Electrical cable

ACCC v Olex Australia Pty Ltd [2017] FCA 222 (9 March 2017)
Allegations of cartel conduct (dismissed)


ACCC v Pacific National Pty Limited (No 2) [2019] FCA 669
(Justice Beach) (15 May 2019)

Mergers: Acquisition involving Queensland rail terminal (s 50 CCA)

ACCC v Pfizer [2015] FCA (25 February 2015)
ACCC v Pfizer [2018] FCAFC (25 May 2018)

Misuse of market power; exclusive dealing (special leave to appeal to HC refused)

Image of QANTAS plane

External linkACCC v QANTAS Airways Ltd (2008) ATPR 42-266; [2008] FCA 1976
Collusive conduct - SLC - Penalties - Admission of liability

Gas bottles

ACCC v Renegade Gas Pty Ltd (trading as Supagas NSW) and Speed-E-Gas (NSW) Pty Ltd [2014] FCA 1135
Cartel conduct - agreed penalties totalling $8.3 million (contraventions admitted) - cooperation


External linkACCC v Roche Vitamins Australia Pty Ltd [2001] FCA 150
Pecuniary penalty - factors relevant to appropriate penalty


ACCC v TF Woollam & Son Pty Ltd [2011] FCA 973 (24 August 2011)
Price fixing - cover pricing in building tenders

ACCC v Ticketek Pty Ltd [2011] FCA 1489 (22 December 2011)
Misuse of market power (consent orders - $2.5m penalty)

Credit cards

ACCC v Visa Inc [2015] FCA 1020
Admitted contravention of s 47 (exclusive dealing); pecuniary penalty

Cardboard box

ACCC v Visy Industries Holdings Pty Limited (No 3) [2007] FCA 1617 (2 November 2007)
Admission of cartel conduct - penalties of $36m + imposed

Toyota car body

ACCC v Yazaki Corporation (No 2) [2015] FCA 1304
ACCC v Yazaki Corporation [2018] FCAFC 73

Cartel conduct and penalty appeal (penalty increased from $9.5m to $46m)
(special leave to appeal to High Court refused)

Petrol pumps

Apco Service Stations Pty Ltd v ACCC [2005] FCAFC 161 (Ballarat Petrol case)
Price fixing, meaning of understanding (appeal from ACCC v Leahy Petroleum Pty Ltd [2004] FCA 1678)


Air New Zealand Ltd v ACCC; PT Garuda Indonesia Ltd v ACCC [2017] HCA 21
Full Federal Court: ACCC v P T Garuda Indonesia Ltd [2016] FCAFC 42 (21 March 2016)
Trial: ACCC v Air New Zealand Limited [2014] FCA 1157
Price fixing; 'market in Australia'; s 4E

Network cable

External linkApplication by Chime Communications Pty Ltd [2008] ACompT 4


External linkApplication by Co-operative Bulk Handling Limited (No 3) [2013] ACompT 3
Appeal against revocation of exclusive dealing notification - public benefit v SLC

Arnotts Limited v TPC (1990) ATPR para 41-061; (1990) 97 ALR 555; (1990) 24 FCR 313
Merger - market definition - dominance (different types of biscuits)

External linkTPC v Arnotts (1990) 93 ALR 657 (trial)


ASX Operations Pty Ltd v Pont Data Australia Pty Ltd (No. 1) (1990) 27 FCR 460
Anti-competitive agreements, exclusionary provisions, misuse of market power

Attorney-General v The Adelaide Steamship Co Ltd (1913) 18 CLR 30
Australian Industries Preservation Act 1906 - Price fixing and market allocation - injury to the public


Auskay International Manufacturing & Trade Pty Ltd v Qantas Airways Ltd (2008) ATPR 42-256; [2008] FCA 1458
Alleged cartel - specificity of market (and associated proceedings)


External linkAustralian Association of Pathology Practices Incorporated [2004] ACompT 4; (2004) ATPR 41-985
Authorisation - exclusive dealing - third line forcing


Australian Gas Light Company (ACN 052 167 405) v Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (No. 3) [2003] FCA 1525
Mergers - declaration that merger would not SLC - declaration sought after ACCC refused to provide informal clearance


Australian Rugby Union Limited v Hospitality Group Pty Ltd [2000] FCA 823
Market definition

Substation - transformer

AW Tyree Transformers Pty Ltd and Wilson Transformer Co Pty Ltd (1997) ATPR (Com) 50–247
Authorisation - joint marketing scheme




Bendigo and Adelaide Banks & Ors (Authorisation application re: ApplePay)
Application for authorisation in respect of ApplePay (collective bargaining and boycott)
Authorisation denied (2017)

Leather belt

External linkBerlaz Pty Ltd v Fine Leather Care Products Limited [1991] FCA 163; (1991) 13 ATPR 41-118 (Interlocutory proceedings)

'A distinction has to be drawn between purpose and consequence. The clear impression I have gained from the evidence is that FLC's purpose in acting as it did was not to get rid of or damage Berlaz as a competitor, although no doubt FLC knew that terminating the distributorship would be likely to have one or both of those results.' [Pincus J para 25]


Re Books [1972] 20 FLR 256
Resale Price Maintenance - Trade Practices Tribunal - Application for exemption from Restrictive Trade Practices Act 1971


Boral Besser Masonry Limited (now Boral Masonry Ltd) v ACCC [2003] HCA 5 (7 February 2003)
Misuse of market power; predatory pricing

Petrol pump

External linkBP Australia Ltd v TPC (1986) 12 FCR 118
Resale price maintenance


Broderbund Software Inc v Computermate Products (Australia) Pty Ltd (1992) ATPR 41-155
Market definition

UK Flag

Re British Basic Slag Ltd’s Agreements [1963] 2 All ER 807 [English]


Buckley v Tutty (1971) 125 CLR 353
Restraint of trade




Castlemaine Tooheys Ltd v Williams & Hodgson Transport Pty Ltd [1986] HCA 72; (1986) 162 CLR 395 (2 December 1986)
Exclusive dealing (third line forcing)

Rail strike

External linkCommonwealth of Australia v Director, Fair Work Building Industry Inspectorate; Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union v Director, Fair Work Building Industry Inspectorate [2015] HCA 46
This case was not a competition law case; however it related to the common practice of parties agreeing with regulators on appropriate penalties to present to the Court. The High Court concluded that "in civil penalty proceedings, courts are not precluded from considering and, if appropriate, imposing penalties that are agreed between the parties" (quote taken from judgment summary). This restored the common practice that had been halted as a result of the Full Federal Court's decision which precluded joint penalty submissions.

UK Flag

Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions v Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha [2017] FCA 876
First criminal cartel conviction (discount for guilty plea)






External linkEastern Express Pty Ltd v General Newspapers Pty Ltd (1991) 30 FCR 385
Predatory pricing

Emirates plane

External linkEmirates v ACCC [2009] FCA 312
Validity of s 155 notice - issue of market definition







Wood heater

External linkThe Heating Centre Pty Ltd v TPC (1986) 9 FCR 153
Resale price maintenance


Hughes v Western Australian Cricket Association (Inc) (1986) 19 FCR 10
Exclusionary provisions - definition of corporation









Lemon tree

External linkNelson Enterprises Pty Ltd [ACCC Notification - 31 July 2007]
Collective bargaining notification (first application - involved Queensland citrus growers)


News Ltd v Australian Rugby League Ltd (No 2) (1996) 64 FCR 410 (4 October 1996) (Superleague)
Exclusionary provisions


News Ltd v South Sydney District Rugby League Football Club Ltd [2003] HCA 45
Deals with s 45's prohibition of exclusionary provisions in relation to South Sydney's exclusion from the national rugby competition in 2000.


Norcast S.ár.L v Bradken Limited (No 2) [2013] FCA 235 (19 March 2013)
Cartels - bid rigging - first case to consider new cartel laws

Nordenfelt gun

Nordenfelt v The Maxim Nordenfelt Guns & Ammunition Co Ltd [1894] AC 535 [English]
Restraint of trade


NT Power Generation v Power and Water Authority [2004] HCA 48; 219 CLR 90
Misuse of market power; access to services (through s 46)

Frozen food

NW Frozen Foods Pty Ltd v Australian Competition and Consumer Commission [1996] FCA 1134; 71 FCR 285
Penalties - agreed penalties - principles





Milk bottles

External linkParmalat Australia Pty Ltd v VIP Plastic Packaging Pty Ltd
[2013] FCA 119 (22 February 2013)

Exclusive dealing (application for interlocutory relief dismissed)


External linkThe Paul Dainty Corporation Pty Ltd v The National Tennis Centre Trust [1990] FCA 163; (1990) 22 FCR 495 (LawCite)
Exclusive dealing (sub-sections 47(1), (8), (9) and (13))


External linkRe: Peter Williamson Pty Ltd v Capitol Motors Ltd [1982] FCA 79
Resale price maintenance - refusal to supply - recommended price


External linkPeters (WA) Ltd v Petersville Ltd [2001] HCA 45
Restraint of trade; s 4M

Rail track

Pilbara Infrastructure Pty Ltd v Australian Competition Tribunal [2012] HCA 36
Access regime

Full Federal Court: Pilbara Infrastructure Pty Ltd v Australian Competition Tribunal [2011] FCAFC 58 (4 May 2011)
Tribunal: Fortescue Metals Group Limited; In the Matter of [2010] ACompT 2

Stock Exchange Data

External linkPont Data Australia Pty Limited v ASX Operations Pty Limited (1990) FCA 30
Misuse of market power, anti-competitive agreements, exclusive dealing, price discrimination

Container ship

External linkPort of Newcastle Operations Pty Ltd v Australian Competition Tribunal [2017] FCAFC 124
Access regime.

Electrical cable

Prysmian Cavi E Sistemi S.R.L. v ACCC [2018] FCAFC 30 (13 March 2018)
Cartels, price fixing (bid rigging); extraterritoriality
Appeal from: ACCC v Prysmian Cavi E Sistemi S.R.L. (No 12) [2016] FCA 822

See also ACCC v Prysmian Cavi E Sistemi Energia SRL (No 5) [2013] FCA 294 (5 April 2013) (Justice Lander)
Price fixing/bid rigging (admissions and agreed order between Viscas/ACCC)









Horse racing

Tabcorp Holdings and Tatts Group - proposed merger (ACT 1 of 2017)
Tribunal decision on merger authorisation


External linkTillmanns Butcheries Pty Ltd v Australasian Meat Industry Employees' Union (1979) 27 ALR 367
Secondary boycott - purpose - meaning of 'substantial'

Power Tools

Tooltechnic Systems (Aust) Pty Ltd - Authorisation - A91433 [5 December 2014]
RPM authorisation

Beer bottles

In Re Tooth and Co Limited; In Re Tooheys Limited (1979) ATPR 40–113 (Tribunal)
Market definition

Nissan car

External linkTop Performance Motors Pty Ltd v Ira Berk (Qld) Pty Ltd (1975) 5 ALR 465
Market definition


TPC v Allied Mills Industries Pty Ltd [1981] FCA 142; (1981) 60 FLR 38
Agreed penalties

Car rental

External linkTPC v Ansett Transport Industries (Operations) Pty Limited [1978] FCA 21; (1978) 32 FLR 305
Mergers - dominance test


TPC v Australia Meat Holdings Pty Ltd (1988) 83 ALR 299
Trade practices economics; mergers

Home interior - ceiling

TPC v CSR Ltd [1990] FCA 521; (1991) ATPR 41-076
Misuse of market power - pecuniary penalties

Bed sheets

TPC v David Jones (Australia) Pty Ltd (1986) 13 FCR 446
Anti-competitive agreements; Price Fixing

Electricity meter

TPC v Email Ltd (1980) ATPR 40–172
Anti-competitive agreements; exchange of price lists, circumstantial evidence


External linkTrade Practices Commission v Legion Cabs (Trading) Co-operative Society Ltd. [1978] FCA 47; (1978) 35 FLR 372
Exclusive dealing (third line forcing)


External linkTPC v Mobil Oil Australia Ltd (1984) 3 FCR 168
Resale price maintenance


TPC v Nicholas Enterprises (1979) 40 FLR 83
Contract, arrangement or understanding


External linkTPC v Orlane Australia Pty Limited [1984] 1 FCR 157; FCA 5; 51 ALR 767
Resale price maintenance


External linkTPC v Parkfield Operations Pty Ltd (1985) 5 FCR 140
Contract, arrangement or understanding - mutuality


External linkTPC v Penfold Wines Pty Ltd (1992) ATPR 41–163
Resale price maintenance

Petrol pump

TPC v Service Station Association Ltd (1993) 44 FCR 206
Anti-competitive agreements; Price Fixing

Sony camera

External linkTPC v Sony (Australia) Pty Ltd (1990) ATPR 41–031
Resale price maintenance

Cargo - freight

External linkTPC v TNT Management Pty Ltd (1985) 6 FCR 1
Agreement or understanding - exclusionary provision - SLC - economic evidence



compact discs

Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd v ACCC [2003] FCAFC 193
Misuse of market power; exclusive dealing, purpose or effect of SLC



Recycle paper

Visy Paper Pty Ltd v ACCC [2003] HCA 59
Sectison 45 and 47 - anti-overlap


Victorian Egg Marketing Board v Parkwood Eggs Pty Ltd (1978) 33 FLR 294; 20 ALR 129; [1978] ATPR 40-081



Copyright symbol

External linkWarman International & Ors v Envirotech Australia Pty Ltd & Ors (1986) ATPR 40-714 (Wilcox J)
Enforcing copyright not taking advantage of market power - taking advantage of legal right


Recycle paper

External linkWilliams and Vajili Pty Ltd v Papersave Pty Ltd [1987] FCA 351 (Full Federal Court)
Appeal dismissed
"Here we simply have a corporation which handled 60 per cent of the collection and treatment of waste computer paper, seeking to take a lease with no added special features, except a knowledge that a potential competitor also wanted the lease." (para 24)

Appeal from: External linkWilliams & Anor v Papersave Pty Ltd (1987) ATPR 40-818; [1987] FCA 162 (Sheppard J)
Substantial market power and prohibited purpose existed, but not the taking advantage element; taking advantage of information, not taking advantage of market power

Razor blade - shaving

WSGAL Pty Limited v Trade Practices Commission, the Gillette Company, Wilkinson Sword Limited and Registrar of Trade Marks [1994] FCA 1079; (1994) 122 ALR 673
Mergers and divestiture power under s 81 - constitutional validity



7 Eleven store

Re 7-Eleven Stores (1994) ATPR 41-357
Market definition, public benefits/detriment