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Arlen Duke

Senior Lecturer, Melbourne Law School


Relevant qualifications and honours

Image representing graduationB.Com Melb (2000)

LLB (First Class Honours) Melb (2000)

LLM Melb (2009)


Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria


Relevant work history and committee involvement

Image of briefcase2010 - Senior Lecturer

2005-2009 - Lecturer, Melbourne Law School

Solicitor, Minter Ellison (Melbourne)



Competition law publications


Edited books

Book chapters


L Cejnar and A Duke, 'Competition and Fair Trading Practices in the Higher Education Sector: A Comparative Review of the Position in the UK and Australia' (2018) 39(1) European Competition Law Review

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Arlen Duke, 'Broadening the extraterritorial reach of Australia's cartel prohibition: Adopting the 'effects' doctrine without the negative effects' (2010) 38 Federal Law Review 97-142

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