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Barbara Jedlickova

Senior Lecturer, University of Queensland, TC Beirne School of Law


Relevant qualifications, visitor positions and honours

Image representing graduationPhD, University of Glasgow
(2012) The Law of Vertical Territorial and Price Restraints in the EU and in the USA: A Critical Analysis of Vertical Territorial and Price Restraints - an Argument Against Legalisation

LLM, International Competition Law and Policy (with Commendation)
University of Glasgow (2005-2007)

Masters, Law and Legal Studies
Masaryk University, Czech Republic (1999-2004)


Visiting Scholar
University of Iowa (2009)

Socrates (Exchange) Programme
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK (2002-2003)


Relevant work history and committee involvement

Image of briefcase2019 - Senior Lecturer, University of Queensland

2014 - Lecturer, University of Queensland

2011-2013 - Associate Lecturer, University of Queensland

2010 - Contracts Officer, University of St Andrews

2009 - Trainee of DG Competition, Brussels

2006-2009 - Assistant Contracts Manager, University of Glasgow

2004-2005 - Lawyer, Cadastral Office for South Moravian Region, Mikulov, Czech Republic

1999-2003 - Member, Vice President, President of ELSA Brno, Czech Republic


Competition law publications and seminars

Image of bookBooks

Jedlickova, Barbora, Resale price maintenance and vertical territorial restrictions: theory and practice in EU competition law and US antitrust law (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2016).

Book chapters

Jedlickova, Barbora and Clarke, Julie, 'Antitrust Analysis of Online Sales Platforms: Australia' in Bruce Kilpatrick, Pierre Kobel and Pranvera Kellezi (eds), Antitrust Analysis of Online Sales Platforms & Copyright Limitations and Exceptions (pp. 41-89) (Springer, 2018)

J Clarke and B Jedlickova, 'Australia' in Pierre Kobel, Pranvera Kellezi and Bruce Kilpatrick (eds), Antitrust in pharmaceutical markets & geographical rules of origin (Springer, 2017) (pp. 33-68)

B Jedlickova, J Clarke and S Bhojani, 'Compatibility of transactional resolutions of antitrust proceedings with due process and fundamental rights: Australia' in Pierre Kobel, Pranvera Këllezi and Bruce Kilpatrick (eds), Compatibility of transactional resolutions of antitrust proceedings with due process and fundamental rights & online exhaustion of IP rights (Springer, 2016) pp. 43-76

B Jedlickova, J Clarke, 'Antitrust in the Groceries Sector:Australia' in Kobel, Pierre, Këllezi, Pranvera, Kilpatrick, Bruce (eds), Antitrust in the Groceries Sector & Liability Issues in Relation to Corporate Social Responsibility (Springer, Heidelberg 2015)


B Jedlickova, 'Beyond the economic approach: why pluralism is important in competition law' (2018) 37 University of Queensland Law Journal 41-56

B Jedlickova, 'What's Wrong with Cartels?' (2017) 44(4) Federal Law Review (with Jonathan Crowe)

B Jedlickova, 'Vertical Issues Arising from Conduct Between Large Supermarkets and Small Suppliers in the Grocery Market: Law and Industry Codes of Conduct' (2015) 36(1) ECLR: European Competition Law Review 19-29

B Jedlickova, 'Vertical Agreements in EU Competition Law by Frank Wijckmans and Filip Tuytschaever' (2013) 38 European Law Review 280-282

B Jedlickova, 'One Among Many or One Above All? The Role of Consumers and Their Welfare in Competition Law and Policy' (2012) 33 (12) European Competition Law Review 567-574

B Jedlickova, 'Competition and RPM: Lessons from US and Australian Historical Development', The 30th Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Law and History Society, Brisbane (2011)

Barbora Jedlickova McCabe, "Boundaries between Unilateral and Multilateral Conducts in Vertical Restraints" [2008] 10 European Competition Law Review 600.

Speeches and seminars

B Jedlickova, 'EU & US Approach to Vertical Restraints: Resale Price Maintenance', Brief Research Seminar for Economists, Department of Justice, Antitrust Division, Washington DC, USA (2014)

J Crowe, B Jedlickova, 'What's Wrong With Cartels?', Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference, University of Queensland (2014)

B Jedlickova, 'Australian and US Developments of Competition Law and RPM: Who Is Right?', Seminar Series, Centre for Regulation and Market Analysis, University of South Australia (2012)

B Jedlickova, 'Competition and RPM: Lessons from US and Australian Historical Development', The 30th Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Law and History Society, Brisbane (2011)

B Jedlickova, 'What Should We Know About EU and US Approaches to Resale Price Maintenance?', The TC Beirne Law School Research Seminar Series, TC Beirne School of Law (2011)

B Jedlickova, 'Theory of Services in US Case Law on RPM: Reality or Theory?', CCP Summer Conference 2010 (New Researchers' Workshop), University of East Anglia, Centre for Competition Policy, Norwich, UK (2010)

B Jedlickova, 'The Objective of Competition Law: Protection for Consumers or Protection of Competition?', International Graduate Legal Research Conference, King's College, London, UK (2009)

The Cooperation between the Commission and the National Courts - A Black Sheep of the Success of Regulation 1/2003", XIVth Competition Law Scholars Forum Workshop


B Jedlickova, 2013. The Grocery Retail Market: Is Antitrust Efficiently Handling This Market? Australian Perspective, Contestable Research Funding, $2,500.00

B Jedlickova, 2011. Reformation of Australian Competition Law with the Emphasis on Vertical Restraints: The Comparative Perspective, New Staff Research Start-Up Grant, $11,999.00


B Jedlickova, Submission to the Competition Policy Review Panel, 10 June 2014, (2014)


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