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Dr Alexandra Merrett

Competition Lawyer
Senior Fellow, Melbourne Law Masters


Relevant qualifications

  • Doctor of Philisophy (University of Melbourne 2010)


Relevant work history

  • Current - private legal advisor in the areas of competition and consumer law
  • 2006-current - Senior Fellow, University of Melbourne (competition law in the Melbourne Masters program)
  • 2006-2012, Senior enforcement lawyer, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
  • Pre-2006 - various law firms


Competition law publications

See also: The State of Competition, Australia’s home of competition law analysis. Note, this does not purport to be a comprehensive publications list.

PhD thesis

  • The assessment and regulation of market power in Australia (Unpublished PhD thesis, Melbourne University 2010)


Book chapters


  • Rhonda Smith and Alexandra Merrett, 'Representing Colin Firth of Mr Darcy: can competition law handle the reality of modern agents?' (2017) European Competition Journal
  • Alexandra Merrett, 'ACCC opts for the long haul in Flight Centre but not ANZ' (2015) 31(8) Competition and Consumer Law News 98
  • Alexandra Merrett, 'ACCC v Cabcharge: an end to a decade-long dispute?' (August 2015) 31(6) Competition and Consumer Law News 79
  • 'The Flight Centre saga continues' (2014) 30(6) Competition and Consumer Law News 73
  • 'Australian Competition and Consumer Commission alleges Coles and Woolworths in breach of s 87B Shopper dockets undertakings' (2014) 30(4) Competition and Consumer Law News 49
  •  “Life in a parallel universe: Metcash and the counterfactual” (March 2013) Law Institute Journal 34
  • “Playing favourites: the competition effects of preferred customer arrangements” (2011) 7 European Competition Journal 179 (with Rhonda L Smith)
  • “Auctions, exclusive contracts and competition for the market” (2007) 3 European Competition Journal 163 (with Rhonda L Smith)
  • “Predatory buying: the Weyhaueser decision and its implications for Australia” (2007) 15 Competition and Consumer Journal 199 (with George A Hay and Rhonda L Smith)
  • “To buy or not to buy: economic and legal reflections on buyer power” (2006) 14 Competition and Consumer Law Journal 100 (with Rhonda L Smith)
  • “Quantitative analysis again up in lights” (2005) 13 Trade Practices Law Journal 90
  • “When thieves fall out: Australia’s leniency system” (December 2004) International Business Lawyer 251 (with Simon Uthmeyer)
  • “The Court speaks for itself: what Australian decisions say about assessing market power for the purposes of s46 of the TPA” (2004) 11 Competition and Consumer Law Journal 330
  • “The intersection between international trade and competition policy: as illustrated by an Australian / American Free Trade Agreement” (2003) 15 Bond University Law Review 228

Newsletter/opinion pieces/commentary

Conference papers and seminars

  • Alexandra Merrett and Rhonda L Smith, 'The Australian Grocery Sector: structurally irredeemable?' (Paper presented at the 'Supermarket Power in Australia' sypmosium (Melbourne, 1 August 2013)
  • Facing up to (virtual) reality: meeting the online retail challenge (Research paper presented at Competition in the Online Environment, Melbourne Business School, 28 November 2012).