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Australian Competition Law: Expert Profiles

Vijaya Nagarajan

Associate Professor, Macquarie Law School, Macquarie University


Relevant qualifications and honours

  • BEc (Macq)
  • LLB (Macq)
  • LLM (Monash)
  • PhD (ANU)
  • Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (UTS)


Competition law publications

See full list at Macquarie staff page.

Books and book chapters


  • V Nagarajan, 'The Paradox of Australian Competition Policy: Contextualizing the Coexistence of Economic Efficiency and Public Benefit' (2013) 36(1) World Competition: Law and Economics Review 133-164.
  • V Nagarajan, 'Co-opting for Governance: the Use of the Conditions Power by the ACCC in Authorisations' (2011) 34(3) UNSW Law Journal 785-810.
  • V Nagarajan, 'The accommodating act: reflections on competition policy and the Trade Practices Act' (2002) 20(2) Law in Context 34 - 62
  • V Nagarajan, 'Designing learning strategies for competition law - finding a place for context and problem based learning' (2002) 13 (1) Legal Education Review 1 - 19
  • V Nagarajan, 'A Balancing Act - an examination of competition regulation in Australia' (2000) Bank of Valetta Law Review 59 - 76
  • V Nagarajan, 'The regulation of competition by section 46 of the Trade Practices Act' (1993) Competition and Consumer Law Journal
  • V Nagarajan, 'The regulation of predatory pricing within the Trade Practices Act' (1990) Australian Business Law Review.