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Dr Rob Nicholls

Senior Lecturer, School of Taxation & Business Law, University of New South Wales
Visiting Fellow (UNSW Law and UTS Law)
Member, Centre for Law, Markets and Regulation


Relevant qualifications and honours

  • Image representing graduationBSc (Hons) (B'ham) 1983
  • MA (UNSW) 2005
  • PhD (UNSW) 2011


Relevant work history

  • Image of briefcaseSenior Lecturer, UNSW Business School (2013 - )
  • Adjudicator, Office of the Independent Telecommunications Adjudicator (2012-)
  • General Manager, ACCC (2010-2011)
  • Consultant, Gilbert + Tobin (1998-2010)


Competition law research and publications


Competition law and financial services regulation
2014 - Chief Investigator (Funding source: Centre for International Finance and Regulation)

Articles and research papers (select)

  • Image of book'Do it once, get it right: Wholesale regulatory intervention in price and cost disclosure' (2017) Law and Financial Markets Review (with C Morris)
  • 'Enhancing Competition: Challenges for Australian Retail Banking' (2017) 28 Journal of Banking and Finance Law and Practice 48 - 71 (with D Healey)
  • 'Concerted Practices Contested: Evidentiary thresholds' (2017) 25 Competition and Consumer Law Journal 125 - 125 (with D Kayis)
  • 'Failing firm, failing franchisor: Local market analysis in Australian merger clearances' (2016) 23(3) Competition and Consumer Law Journal 247 (with Jenny Buchan)
  • 'The Nature of Competition in Australian Retail Banking' (2015) CLMR Research Paper Series, Working Paper No 15-2 (with C Evans)
  • 'Should Stability Reign? The Consumer Downside of Foregone Competition in Retain Banking Markets' (2016) 32 Banking and Finance Law Review 69 - 101 (with D Healey)
  •  'The australian telecommunications regulatory environment: An overview(2016) 4 Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy 196-213
  • 'Telecommunications: Structural separation, interconnection and access' (2014) 22 AJCCL 54