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Professor David Round AM

Member, Australian Competition Tribunal
Commissioner, Essential Services Commission of South Australia


Relevant qualifications and honours

  • B. Economics (Adelaide), 1966
  • B. Economics (1st class honours) (Adelaide), 1968

    Member of the Order of Australia, for 'significant service to business and commerce, particularly in the areas of competition policy and market regulation' (2014)


Relevant work history and committee involvement

  • 1998-current - Member, Australian Competition Tribunal
  • 2014-current - Commissioner, Essential Services Commission of South Australia
  • 2001-2014 Professor of Economics and Director, Centre for Regulation & Market Analysis (University of South Australia) (ret 2014)
  • 2009-current - Lay Member, High Court of New Zealand
  • Adjunct Professor of Economics, University of Delaware
  • 2005 - member of two panels, one for electricity and one for gas, to assist the District Court of SA in hearing appeals under the Essential Service Commission Act 2002
  • July-October 2004 - Viisiting Erskine Fellow, University of Canterbury
  • 1997-2005 - Member, Australian Communications Authority
  • 1986-1998, Associate Member, Trade Practices Commission/Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
  • 1989 - Associate Member of the Australian Telecommunications Authority


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