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Dr Rhonda Smith

Senior Lecturer, Melbourne University Faculty of Commerce
Deputy Director, Competition Law and Economics Network


Relevant qualifications

  • Image representing graduationBachelor of Commerce (Hons) Melbourne (1966)
  • Master of Arts (Eco) Melbourne (1969)
  • Doctor of Commerce (2006) Melbourne


Relevant work history


Expert evidence

Dr Smith has provided expert evidence in a number of high profile competition law cases, including:


Committee membership

Member, Law Council of Australia's Competition and Consumer Law Committee

Member, Copyright Law Reform Committee


Relevant editorships

Editorial Board of the Competition and Consumer Law Journal


Relevant consultancies

Provides consultancy services in relation to trade practices matters


Competition law publications


Book chapters


Image of book2018

Deborah Healey and Rhonda L Smith, 'Competitive neutrality in Australia: Opportunity for policy development' (2018) 25 Competition & Consumer Law Journal 223


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Alexandra Merrett and Rhonda L Smith, 'The public benefits of private litigation' (July 2014) 19 The State of Competition


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Rhonda L Smith, 'Merger Policy in Close-Up: QIW and Davids Holdings' (1994) The Australian Economic Review 101-107

Newsletter/opinion pieces/commentary

Conference papers and seminars

Alexandra Merrett and Rhonda L Smith, 'The Australian Grocery Sector: structurally irredeemable?' (Paper presented at the 'Supermarket Power in Australia' sypmosium (Melbourne, 1 August 2013)

Rhonda Smith, "Insights into Consumer Risk: Building Blocks for Consumer Protection Policy" (2006) Roundtable on Demand-Side Economics for Consumer Policy

Rhonda Smith, ""Response of consumption to income, credit and interest rates in Australia"" (2005) 34th Conference of Economics

Rhonda Smith, "A Bayesian approach to inference for a thresholod autoregression with a lunit root." (2003) The 2003 PhD Conference in Economics and Business