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Hank Spier

Principal, Spier Consulting Pty Ltd

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Relevant qualifications

  • LLB
  • BA (Economics)
  • Admitted to Practice as a Barrister and Solicitor
  • Completed Senior Public Sector management course at Harvard, 1993


Relevant work and committee history

  • Current - Principal/owner of Spier Consulting P/L
  • Joint Founder - Cartel Compensation Group 2006
  • Part time member of the Australian Law Reform Commission
  • 1983-2000 CEO of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (for 17 years)
  • 1987 - Interchange to Canada, working with the Canadian Competition Burea, heading the mergers branch


Relevant publications

Hank Spier, 'Politics and the administration of the Australian competition and consumer law' (2014) 22 AJCCL 134