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Dr Philip Williams AM

Chairman, Frontier Economics

Relevant qualifications and honours

Image representing graduationTM Ec Monash University

Phd London School of Economics

Member of the Order of Australia (AM)
26 January 2014
For significant service to business as an economist, and to the community.

Relevant work history and Committee involvement

2002-present Frontier Economics
Current Professorial Fellow, University of Melbourne
Current Member, Trade Practices Committee of the Law Council of Australia
Current Adviser to ACCC, NCC, NZCC and leading law firms in Australia and New Zealand
1988-2002 Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne (Professor of Law and Economics)
1978-1988 Economics Department, University of Melbourne
1973-1977 PhD Student, London School of Economics
1970-1973 Tutor, Department of Economics, Monash University


Expert evidence

Dr Williams has provided expert evidence in a number of high profile competition law cases, including:

More information about cases in which Dr Williams has advised or given expert evidence can be found in the AER Profile


Relevant publications



Philip Williams, 'The counterfactual test in s 46' (2013) 41(2) Australian Business Law Review 93

Philip Williams, Commentary on paper by Brent Fisse: "The Proposed Australian Cartel Offence", CRMA, Trade Practices Workshop, 2006

Joshua S Gans, Rajat Sood and Philip L Williams, 'The Decision of the High Court in Rural Press: How the literature on credible threats may have materially facilitated a better decision' (25 March 2004, Revised 23 June 2004

Philip Williams and Graeme Woodbridge, 'Antitrust Merger Policy: Lessons from the Australian Experience',
NBER Working Paper Series, Vol w9600 (2003), available for purchase from SSRN

Philip Williams and Graeme Woodbridge, 'The Relation of Efficiencies to the Substantial Lessening of Competition Test for Mergers: Substitutes or Complements?' (2002) 30(6) Australian Business Law Review 435-44

Philip Williams, 'Melway Publishing Pty Ltd v Robert Hicks Pty Ltd' [2001] MULR 27; (2001) 25 Melbourne University Law Review 831

J Gans, F Hanks and P L. Williams, 'The Treatment of Natural Monopolies Under the Australian Trade Practices Act: Four Recent Decisions' (2001) 29 Australian Business Law Review 492-507

Philip Williams, 'The Exercise of Market Power: Its Treatment under the Australian and New Zealand Statutes' (1994) 9 Review of Industrial Organization 607.

Conference papers / speeches


More information

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