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Competition Law Guides and Guidelines

Below is a list of guidelines from the ACCC and some key international guidelines



General guidelines and policies



Merger Guidelines (21 November 2008)

External linkInformal Merger Review Process Guidelines (26 September 2013)

External linkFormal merger review process guidelines 2008 (30 June 2008)

External linkMedia Mergers (31 October 2017) (replace 2006 Guidelines)

Merger authorisation guidelines (October 2018)


Cartels, anticompetitive agreements and concerted practices


Boycotts (exclusionary provisions)


Misuse of market power


Exclusive dealing


Resale price mainenance




Collective bargaining


Intellectual Property


Authorisation and Notification


Investigation and enforcement


Leniency and Immunity

ACCC immunity and cooperation policy for cartel conduct (10 September 2014)
Includes policy and interpretation guidelines

Prosecution Policy of the Commonwealth
Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions
See Annexure B - Immunity from Prosecution in Serious Cartel Offences (updated 10 September 2014)





ACCC Guidelines - Use of s 155 Power (ACCC 24 October 2018 - updated June 2019)
(replace Guidelines of 7 September 2016)

External linkCompliance and enforcement policy (ACCC)

External linkApplication of the Trade Practices Act to intellectual property: background paper (31 July 1991)
ACCC notes that the 'paper is outdated and is provided for research purposes only'

External linkExport agreements and the Competition and Consumer Act (2 May 2011)





United States

External linkHorizontal Merger Guidelines (August 2010 from DOJ site)

External linkHorizontal Merger Guidelines (August 2010, PDF from FTC site)