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The Hon Justice James Allsop AO

Chief Justice, Federal Court of Australia

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Relevant qualifications

  • 1974 - Bachelor of Arts, University of Sydney
  • 1980 - Bachelor of Laws, University of Sydney (won the university medal in law)
  • 1994 - appointed Senior Counsel in New South Wales
  • 1998 - appointed Queen’s Counsel in Western Australia



Officer of the Order of Australia (26 January 2013)
For distinguished service to the judiciary and the law, as a judge, through reforms to equity and access, and through contributions to the administration of maritime law and legal education.


Relevant work history

  • 2013- Chief Justice, Federal Court of Australia (since 1 March 2013)
  • 2008-2013 - President of the New South Wales Court of Appeal (appointed 2 June 2008)
  • 2001-2008 - Judge of the Federal Court (from 7 May 2001 to 1 June 2008)
  • 1981-2001 - at the Bar (appointed Senior Counsel in NSW in 1994 and Queen's Counsel in WA in 1998)


Academic appointments

Adjunct Professor
University of Sydney (from 1981 has variously taught property, equity, bankruptcy, insolvency,
corporate finance and maritime law)


Relevant judgments

Although specialising in Admiralty Law, Justice Allsop has delivered judgments in a number of significant competition law cases. These include:


Relevant speeches and publications


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