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The Hon Justice Arthur Emmett

Federal Court of Australia (1997-2013)

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Relevant qualifications

BA 1964 University of Sydney
LLB 1967 University of Sydney
LLM 1976 London
LLD 2009 Doctor of Laws (Honoris Causa) University of Sydney
  1967 Admitted as a socliitor in NSW
  1978 Admitted to Bar of NSW
(also admitted in ACT, WA, Victoria and WA)
  1985 Appointed Queen's Counsel (NSW) (subsequently other jurisdictions)


Relevant work history

1995-2013 Federal Court of Australia (Adelaide) (since 3 February 1997)
1985-1995 Queen's Counsel
1978-1985 Admitted to Bar (NSW) - Barrister
1967-1978 Solicitor


Academic appointments

  • Tutor and lecturer in Real Property fo rthe Law Extension Committee of the University of Sydney (and examiner)
  • Has taught Roman Law at the University of Sydney since 1978 and Challis Lecturer in Roman Law since 1990


Relevant judgments