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Deceased (black ribbon) Professor Maureen Brunt AO (dec.)

26 December 1928 - 30 January 2019

'Professor Brunt was always keen to improve the operation and efficient implementation of competition law and she played a pivotal role in shaping Australia’s modern competition policy and law. Her legacy will be felt for generations to come.' (Rod Sims, 2019)

'... the contributions of Professor Brunt to competition law and policy in Australia and New Zealand have been extraordinarily large and valuable, whether to policy-making, the application and development of the law or the study of the interaction of law and economics.' (Allan Fels, 2007)


Relevant qualifications/awards

Qualifications and honourary degreesImage representing graduation

Bachelor of Economics (First Class Honours) University of Melbourne (1951)

Doctor of Philosophy (in Industrial Organisation) Harvard (1964)

Doctor of Laws (Honorary) Monash University (1995)


Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) 1992, 'for service to the Trade Practices Tribunal and to education'

Distinguished Fellow of the Economics Society of Australia


Relevant work history and positions held

University of Melbourne

Lecturer in Economics (1957-1959)

Professorial Fellow, Melbourne Business School and Melbourne Law School (1990-1995)

Professorial Associate, Melbourne Business School (1995-2002)

University of Adelaide

Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Economics (1960-1964)

Harvard University

Lecturer in Economics (1964-1966)

Monash University

Professor of Economics (first woman to hold a Chair of Economics in Australia) (1966-1977)

Professor of Economics (part time) and Professorial Associate, Monash University Law School School (1977-1989)

Emeritus Professor

Trade Practices Tribunal

Part time foundation member (1975-1998)

Victorian Government Consumer Affairs Council

Member, then Chair (1980-1983)
(Included Inquiry into Deceptive Trade Practices Law in Victoria)

High Court of New Zealand

Lay member for competition cases (1990-2000)




Tribunal decisions involving Prof Brunt (select)

Person with gavalRe QCMA and Defiance Holdings (1976) ATPR 40-012; (1976) 25 FLR 169; 8 ALR481
Providing a seminal statement on principles, still widely applied.

Re Media Council of Australia (No 2) (1987) ATPR 40-774






Competition law publications

Image of bookBooks

Maureen Brunt (2003) Economic Essays on Australian and New Zealand Competition Law, Kluwer Law International, The Hague

PH Karmel and Maureen Brunt (1962; revised reprints 1963 and 1966) The Structure of the Australian Economy, F W Cheshire, Melbourne

Chapters in books

Maureen Brunt (1976) ‘Lawyers and Competition Policy’ in D Hambly and J Goldring (eds) Australian Lawyers and Social Change, The Law Book Co, Sydney; 266–97

Maureen Brunt (1993) ‘Australian and New Zealand Competition Law and Policy’ in Barry Hawk (ed), 1992 Fordham Corporate Law Institute: International Antitrust Law and Policy, Juris Publishing, New York; 131–93

Maureen Brunt (1999) ‘Antitrust in the Courts: The Role of Economics and of Economists’ in Barry Hawk (ed) 1998 Fordham Corporate Law Institute: International Antitrust Law and Policy, Juris Publishing, New York; 357–67.

Journal articles

Maureen Brunt, ‘Legislation in Search of an Objective’ (1965) 41 The Economic Record 357–86

Maureen Brunt and Robert Baxt, ‘The Murphy Trade Practices Bill: Admirable Objectives, Inadequate Means’ (1974) 2 Australian Business Law Review 3–79

Maureen Brunt and Robert Baxt, ‘A Guide to the Trade Practices Act 1974’ (1974) 4th Quarter Australian Economic Review 5–22

Maureen Brunt, ‘The Use of Economic Evidence in Antitrust Litigation: Australia’ (1986) 14 Australian Business Law Review 261–308

Maureen Brunt, ‘Market Definition Issues in Australian and New Zealand Trade Practices Litigation’ (1990) 18 Australian Business Law Review 86-128

Maureen Brunt, ‘The Role of Private Actions in Australian Restrictive Practices Enforcement’ (1990) 17 Melbourne University Law Review 582-613

Maureen Brunt, ‘The Australian Antitrust Law After 20 years – A Stocktake’ (1994) 5 Review of Industrial Organization, 483–526

Maureen Brunt, ‘Issues from the Davids-QIW Merger Case – A Comment’ (1995) 3 Competition and Consumer Law Journal 16–25


Submissions to inquiries

Dawson Review
Maureen Brunt, Submission number 183 to the Dawson Review, 28 August 2002
(on the issue of market definition)



First female professor in Economics
Maureen Brunt was the first female professor at Monash University and the first female professor of Economics in Australia. Monash University has established the Maureen Brunt Chair of Economics and Econometrics.

Tribute article by Prof Allan Fels
Allan Fels, 'Distinguished Fellow of the Economic Society of Australia, 2006: Maureen Brunt (June 2007) 83(261) The Economic Record 204-207
This article by Allan Fels (from which much of the work history and publication details for Prof Brunt is drawn) sets out in detail the significant contributions made by Prof Brunt to competition law in Australia and New Zealand.

See also: Citation- Distinguished Fellow Award 2006 Professor Maureen Brunt (by Allan Fels AO)

Lecture in honour of Prof Maureen Brunt AO
In 2006 Louise Sylvan delivered the 2006 Consumer Affairs Victoria Lecture in honour of Professor Maureen Brunt AO.

The Interface between Consumer Policy and Competition Policy



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